Patent Quick Facts


Any technical solution (in forms of articles, materials, or processes) that is new, inventive, and industrially applicable

Software Patent


Business Method Patent


Protection Titles

> Patent for Invention (20 years of protection from date of application or priority)
> Patent for Utility Solution (10 years of protection from date of application or priority)

Protection Criteria for Patent for Invention

> Novel
> Capability of industrial application

Protection Criteria for Patent for Utility Solution

> Novel
Not common knowledge
> Capability of industrial application


> Annual maintenance fee
> Annual use fee

Priority Claim

Paris convention (12 months)

WTO Membership



IPC 2018



Filing Requirements(Basic)

> Specification
> Figures
> Abstract
> Claims
> Power of attorney signed by Applicant (neither notarization nor legalization required)

International Application


Time Limit for Entry into Vietnam National Phase

31 months from international filing date or priority date

Filing Requirements for an Application for Entry into Vietnam National Phase

> PCT documents
> Power of attorney signed by Applicant (neither notarization nor legalization required)

Examination Process
1. Filing an Application with the Vietnam IPO 
(also for entry into national phase of a PCT application)

2. Formal Examination 
Outcome: decision on acceptance/refusal of an application as to formality

3. Application Publication 
(Opposition is possible after application publication up to grant/refusal decision)

4. Substantive Examination 
> If a request ís filed within the time limit of 42 months for a patent for invention or 36 months for a patent for utility solution, from date of application or priority)
Outcome: grant/refusal decision

General Information

IPRs in Vietnam

Patent (The Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam – ‘IPO of Vietnam’)
Design (The IPO of Vietnam)
Trademark (The IPO of Vietnam)
Geographical Indication (state-owned, The IPO of Vietnam)
Design of IC (The IPO of Vietnam, no substantive examination)
Trade Secret (No registration required nor available)
Trade Name (No registration required nor available)
Protection Against Unfair Competition, IPRs-related (No registration required nor available)
Copyright & Related Rights (No registration required yet available and advisable at the Copyright Office of Vietnam – Ministry of Culture and Information)
New Plant Variety (The Plant Variety Protection Office – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development)

Main Domestic Law

> Civil Code
> Penal Code
> Law on Intellectual Property 2015, as amended
> Various Decrees and Circulars

International Treaties

Madrid Agreement
(June 25, 1939)


Paris Convention 
(March 8, 1949)

Industrial property

WIPO Convention
(July 2, 1976)

Establishment of WIPO

Patent Cooperation Treaty
(March 10, 1993)


Berne Convention
(October 26, 2004)

Protection of literary and artistic works

Phonograms Convention
(July 6, 2005)

Protection of of phonogram’s producers

Brussels Convention
(January 12, 2006)

Prevention of the unauthorized distribution on or from its territory of any programme-carrying signal transmitted by satellite

Madrid Protocol
(July 11, 2006)


UPOV Convention
(December 24, 2006)

Protection of New Varieties of Plants

(January 11, 2007)

Intellectual property related

Rome Convention
(March 1, 2007)

Protection in performances for performers, in phonograms for producers of phonograms and in broadcasts for broadcasting organizations