Trademark & Copyright
We advise and represent foreign clients in registering trademarks in Vietnam, including international trademark registration under Madrid system (responding to the NOIP’s provisional refusals.) We also provide legal advice and representation to foreign clients and FDI enterprises in Vietnam in transactions involving trademark.

Our TRADEMARK services include:

• Register trademark in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc.
 Appeal to provisional refusal of international trademark registration under Marid system.
• Conduct availability searches and provide opinions on registrability.
• Rrenew; record changes of name/address of holders. 
• Advise, represent clients in opposition, appeal, termination, and cancellation proceedings before the NOIP. 
• Draft, review trademark-related contracts, agreements, and policies; review and register trademark assignement/license contracts.
• Conduct trademark  watch and advise and carry out actions on possibly conflicting trademarks.
• Advise, represent clients in disputes and actions against trademark infringement.
With our expertise and experience in local practice we provide foreign copyright holders with practical legal advice and representation service in copyright-related transactions and in fighting copyright privacy.

Our COPYRIGHT services include:

 Register copyright; invalidate copyright registrations. (Although copyright registration is not mandatory for protection in Vietnam, it is possible for a right holder to apply for a certificate of copyright registration which is helpful in a legal action against copyright infringement.)
• Advise and represent copyright holders in transactions relating to copyright.
 Advise and represent in fighting copyright piracy.