Corporate & Commerce

We provide foreign investors and FDI enterprises with legal advice and representation in investment and corporate matters in Vietnam. We assist our clients to comply with Vietnamese laws and regulations with our risk assessment, practical advice and solutions, helping our clients adjust and adapt with the changing legal environment of Vietnam.
Our INVESTMENT and LICENSING services include:
 Advise on investment and corporate matters.
 Obtain certificate of investment, business registration and other permits necessary for setting up companies, branches, or representative offices in Vietnam.
 Draft, review contracts and legal papers for investment, formation and operation of enterprises in Vietnam.
Our CORPORATE and COMMERCE services include:
 Provide legal opinions on corporate matters.
 Draft, review, revise corporate charters, regulations, and policies.
 Provide in-house legal counsel services.
 Draft, review, revise commercial contracts.
 Obtain licences or permits necessary for lauching products and services.
 Advise, represent clients in corporate and commercial disputes.

Labour & Employment

With the understanding that healthy employment relations are crutial to a good business, we provide services that help our clients to comply with Vietnamese labour and employment regulations in hiring and managing employment relations with the aim to build and maintain the stability and efficiency of business operations.
 Advise on all employment-related matters.
 Obtain work permits.
 Draft, review, revise employment contracts, policies, confidentiality agreements, and other employment-related agreements/policies.
 Draft, review, revise, register internal labour regulations.
 Advise on, participate in employment-related procedures.
 Advise, represent clients in employment dispute resolution.